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Multicultural team

Aim: To enhance more effective communication and smoother interaction within a multicultural team

Learning outcome: Promoting efficient teamwork

For whom: Multinational teams incl. British team members

Managing cultures

Aim: To enhance leading and managing multicultural teams

Learning outcome: Measures identified by the team leaders in areas that need to be improved

For whom: British managers, team leaders

Working in the UK (Induction Training)

Aim: To promote faster integration in the British work environment and communicate more effectively.

Learning outcome: A change in confidence and more effective working.

For whom: Non-British newcomers, Non-British team members already working in the UK.

Doing business in the UK

Aim: To develop understanding of UK’s work and business culture

Learning outcome: More effective working with the British

For whom: Non-British working in the UK, Non-British doing business in the UK


Face-to-face and distance coaching to support transition into a new role – both domestically and nationally.

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