Katarzyna Lanucha

the founder of Speak Culture

I set up Speak Culture because so many businesses need to develop intercultural strategies so as to work more economically, efficiently and effectively. My experience across different sectors, public and private, has convinced me of the positive changes from greater cultural awareness.

I believe that better communication can cancel out frictions in the workplace that have arisen because of ignorance; crucially, it also supports better appreciation of other cultures.

From my degree in teaching German as a Foreign Language, which included substantial amount of intercultural communication, my experience is based on more than a decade of teaching diverse cultures, being a member of intercultural teams and addressing audiences of business people from other countries. More recently, I have consolidated this by gaining a Certificate as a Business Cultural Trainer.

As a lecturer for ASBIRO (Alternative School of Business and Personal Development), I have been working with Polish entrepreneurs and job-seekers to develop soft skills needed for the British business setting. Having lived and worked in three different countries, I can empathise with the challenges they face.

I’m also responsible for two modules for Cambridge University Engineering students on developing intercultural competence. In addition, for the last three years, I have been teaching British medical students preparing to work in Germany.

My linguistic competence is derived from my professional career of 15 years during which I have been awarded a Masters in German as a Foreign Language and qualifications in French and Polish (and I continue to learn other languages).