Month: April 2016

Culture shock in health care

Our culture code applies to our relation to health, too. Let’s take a surgery or hospital consultation: the patient will have certain expectations when it comes to encounters with a doctor, while the doctor, on the other hand, will expect certain behaviours from the patient. To name only a few: the doctor’s bedside manner, use of terminology, the way the patients are being addressed (Mr Brown vs. Bobby) and the on-going relationship with the patient. What are the cultural considerations when dealing in these situations? Let’s use examples from British-German-Polish using both perspectives.

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The importance of cultural awareness training

What can go wrong?

Polish and British business people are very alike. Business is business. If we are talking about countries such as India or Japan – this is a different story. But there aren’t any significant cultural differences in Europe. We’re all the same. – This is what I often hear from both British and Polish business people in private and public sector. And they are very mistaken.

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